With Carestream Dental's CS 8200 3D Family

State-of-the-art CBCT imaging is now within reach and without compromise. Explore our family of solutions that match the needs of your dental practice–whatever the size.

Do you have a vision for your practice?

Imagine the ability to make a more confident diagnosis. What if you had broader treatment options and better patient engagement? What if you could update your practice with state-of the art imaging technology enabling more in-office procedures and the chance to expand your business? Introducing Carestream Dental’s CS 8200 3D Family including the new CS 8200 3D Access and the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition – your opportunity to envision your future practice.


See the possibilities...

Carestream Dental’s CS 8200 3D Family optimizes your professional
competencies with a range of benefits that take your practice further.

More confident diagnosis

Be more confident in your diagnosis, and discover better treatment options and planning.

Enhanced patient care

Increase patient engagement, treatment acceptance and improve patient care.

Expand your dental practice

Perform more in-office procedures to grow your business.

See the simplicity

Easy to operate and use due to modern, user-friendly design.

Open for easy integration

Built on an open platform to ensure swift, seamless workflow.

The CS 8200 3D Access is the first CBCT system I have worked with. I can safely say it has optimised all areas of our practice from diagnosis to patient care and extending our in-house capabilities. We’re already starting to see a return on the investment.”

Dr. Benjamin Houbani

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Envision what your future practice could be with CBCT imaging that’s easier than ever.

Features at a glance

Discover the feature of the Carestream Dental CS 8200 3D Family.

Powerful imaging for every need

With four modalities and up to nine selectable fields of view, including full arch scanning, the CS 8200 3D Family covers virtually any need. You can obtain the ideal image for each individual exam, at the right dose.

Outstanding precision

75-microns CBCT resolution lets you visualize the tiniest clinical details and is perfectly suited for endodontic indications. Furthermore, get crystal-clear panoramic images with our Tomosharp technology.

Artifact-free images

Game-changing CS MAR technology with unique live comparison automatically reduces metal artifacts. This helps you confirm diagnosis and reduces the risk of misinterpretation.

Low dose imaging

The low-dose mode delivers high-quality 3D images at the same or lower dose as a standard panoramic exam for safer examination, while panoramic low dose mode reduces radiation dose by up to 50%.

Smartly designed

Modern user interface makes capturing better images effortless, while laser-free face-to-face positioning facilitates proper patient placement.

Get the most from each scan

Our portfolio of innovative imaging software and optional add-on modules enables you to expand capabilities on your own terms.

CS 3D Imaging now
powered by AI

Two new AI-powered features save you time and ensure precise results.

Automatic Panoramic Curve Mapping
automatically maps the panoramic curve on the CBCT scan and
Automatic Nerve Mapping
automatically detects and traces mandibular canals on the CBCT scan.

AI Insights
AI Insights is a robust new tool that automatically analyzes your panoramic x-ray images and reports the outcome, helping you reduce undiagnosed and untreated instances while increasing treatment case acceptance.*

Open integration with intraoral scanners
The CS 8200 3D Family is built on an open platform meaning you can easily connect CS Imaging software with leading intraoral scanners for fast, seamless workflow.

CS Upstream

Envision service and support that enhances the performance of your practice. Turn your CS 8200 3D CBCT system into a connected device with CS UpStream.