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Minimize Data Input and Maximize Workflow Efficiency

It's Easy with iTero™ and Sensei Cloud

When patient information, treatment plans and clinical notes are stored in separate locations, it complicates communication with your patients as well as your team. It can also hinder your ability to make treatment decisions because you don't have fast-and-easy access to all relevant patient information. More than anything, all that searching and tracking wastes your time.

The Workflow You Wish You Had

When iTero is your intraoral scanner, you no longer have to manage separate worklists in different systems. Thanks to a new integration between iTero and Sensei, you start your scan directly from the patient record. Once complete, the patient record becomes the single source of truth, with all clinical information and events viewable in one place.

The Integration that Makes a Difference

Seamless Case Management

You can launch scans directly from patient records in Sensei Cloud, eliminating the need for manual worklist management.

iTero utdbluetip2.png

One Source of Truth

Patient records become the single source of truth, housing all clinical information and events in one easily accessible location.

Automated Progress Tracking

Intuitive iTero software automatically records successful scans executed in the iTero system, eliminating the need to key in clinical notes that may become redundant.

iTero utdbluetip1.png

Comprehensive Case Tracking

From the patient record, you can track, review and adjust treatment plans seamlessly and efficiently.