From patient flow to workflow

Sensei Cloud works the way
you need it to.

Discover user-focused design,
inherent scalability, advanced multi-tasking and powerful business functionality. Come meet the dental practice management system that you helped build.

It isn’t just the user-focused design that makes our newest practice management software unique. It isn’t the inherent scalability that fuels group practice growth or the advanced multitasking it enables. It isn’t even the intuitiveness that makes the learning curve practically non-existent.

Trusted for more than 35 years to drive innovation in the industry, Carestream Dental turns heads again with Sensei Cloud - an integrated, user-friendly and scalable practice management solution that’s perfect for practices that want to thrive.

One platform, all access

Sensei Cloud is the only dental practice cloud platform that combines powerful industry-leading imaging, workflow focus, intuitive design and anytime, anywhere access to patient data into one single solution. In other words, it serves as the launchpad for all your practice activities.

Maintain relevance in an ever-evolving market

Unlike most dental practice management systems that have been in the market for years, Sensei Cloud is designed using the latest technology, and features an innovative product roadmap which looks to the future, ensuring a high-tech experience.

Keeping users connected and data up to date and safe

Move your business to the cloud; we offer your practice an affordable and reliable, secure solution without the headaches of maintaining backups and servers.

A more strategic way to manage your business

A convenient dashboard provides you with direct access to actionable reporting, allowing you to immediately act or pivot as needed.

Designed using Voice of Customer – because your insight is invaluable

Sensei Cloud is unique in that you, our customer, have played an active role in the development of the product, and you will continue to help in shaping the future design and direction of it.

Leveraging experience for future success

Sensei Cloud is the culmination of Carestream Dental’s 35 years of dental practice management software experience plus the input of more than 20,000 customers from every dental specialty.