Lightning may not strike the same place twice, but innovation surely does.

The next storm of upgrades and improvements is here. In this volume of Operation: Lightning Flash, we explore the most recent innovations coming from the industry leader in practice management.


Sensei Cloud:

It’s not just the cloud, it’s Sensei Cloud.

Now you can be both a great healthcare provider and a successful business manager. Sensei Cloud, our newly launched SaaS-based solution, has one major advantage over other Dental Practice Management Solutions: it was built by dental practices for dental practices. So everything on the screen is relevant and intentionally designed to make life easier. And it’s all backed by Carestream Dental’s 35-year commitment to driving innovation and security in digital dentistry.

Sensei Cloud was designed by practices like yours to be:

  • Intentional, putting the most relevant information and workflows right at your fingertips.
  • Intuitive, so even the newest user will be able to quickly and easily begin using it like a pro.
  • Business savvy, giving you the tools to be as good at the business side of dentistry as you are the clinical.
  • Incredibly secure, with strict data governance designed in collaboration with leading cybersecurity experts.
  • Yet extremely flexible, thanks to the cloud-based benefits of being able to access information from anywhere.



Life just got more engaging on Sensei Cloud.

What if you could connect with new patients and keep existing patients happy—while actually decreasing workload for staff? Welcome to Patient Manager, the perfect digital hub for all of your patient engagement activities. It’s built to address the challenges facing practices today, like reducing contact, staying in close communication with patients, increasing revenue and growing your practice.

  • Reduce no-shows and increase revenue.
  • Communicate with patients through alerts and two-way texting.
  • Limit contact through a virtual waiting room.
  • Improve the patient experience with online scheduling and appointment reminders.
  • Grow your practice with marketing campaigns and reputation management.


Digital Patient Forms:

Life just got easier on Sensei Cloud.

Creating a touchless environment has never been more important to running your office, which is why we created Patient Forms. Patients can now complete necessary paperwork on any device or internet browser prior to their office visit, eliminating the need for pens and clipboards. Office staff can then easily accept forms, be alerted to any medical issues and have the forms write back directly to the patient chart. And because security is an ever-present concern, our forms are transmitted using the strictest HIPAA-compliant, encrypted protocols.



Sensei Scheduler Views:

Life just got more convenient on Sensei Cloud.

If you aren’t ready for the cloud, start here. This simple yet powerful extension of Sensei Cloud lets you view your schedule data anytime and from anywhere. And because it’s browser-based, there is no need to change your IT infrastructure or current practice management software. Just log on and get immediate visibility into your schedule.

With Scheduler Views, you can:

  • Understand your schedule at a glance.
  • Access patient contact details with just a click.
  • Preview patient medical history before the appointment.
  • Quickly see which patients have or have not confirmed their appointment.


Status Page:

Life just got smarter on Sensei Cloud.

With the stresses of the current environment, you likely keep a close eye on the health and well-being of your staff. But what about your software? Who’s watching out for it? We are. Status Page, our state-of-the-art notification system, gives you real-time, transparent data on the condition of the products that mean the most to your practice. You can keep up with the status of your practice management, eServices and imaging software and subscribe to receive alerts and updates in the form you choose: email, text message, Slack or RSS feed. Because the health of your technology solutions is as important as that of your staff.

Operation: Lightning Flash represents Carestream Dental’s commitment to not only listening to your feedback, but developing solutions to address it. Through this new program, we will roll out the newest updates, improvements and innovations on a regular basis—all with the goal of giving your practice the jolts of technology necessary to stay profitable and ahead of the current trends.