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Learn more about insurance solutions to manage services affected during nationwide outages

Since a major market vendor took its network offline due to a security incident on Feb. 21, we've taken swift action to ensure minimal disruption to your dental services, including eClaims, ePrescriptions, eVerifications, Automated Statements, and ePostings.

icon_for_newsletter.jpg  Medical Claims Forwarding: 
      • For an updated list of medical payers, we're currently processing claims with, check here. Regular updates to this list are anticipated as we work tirelessly to continually increase payer coverage.
24025-Insurance_Bundle_Thumb_1_eClaims_blue.png  eClaims Processing: 
      • Our statement service has been fully restored with a new provider and is running at full capacity. If you are a WinOMS customer and have questions, please see our FAQs page.
      • We've successfully processed most previously submitted dental claims, with more to come.
      • More payers are being added daily; please see below for the latest payers that can process claims and check back often for the latest payers
      • Pending a few payers, claims submitted Feb. 21-23 during the early days of the outage should have been automatically processed; expect to receive claim statuses as usual.
      • Please note: To take full advantage of these updates and benefits, current and future customers should confirm insurers here. Enrollment may be required for some insurers.
24025-Insurance_Bundle_Thumb_2_everifications_blue.png  eVerifications: Carestream Dental has enhanced capability to restore insurance verifications through our system.

24025-Insurance_Bundle_Thumb_4_ePrescriptions_blue.png  ePrescriptions: Carestream Dental has enabled printing capabilities for prescriptions across all systems, including Sensei Cloud, catering to state-specific requirements.

You may have seen an update on March 1 from Change Healthcare regarding ePrescribing services being re-enabled. Please note that this update pertains only to a pharmacy's ability to interface with Pharmacy Benefit Managers to have visibility into formularies and prescription benefits. We have verified that ePrescribing functionality for healthcare providers in the medical and dental markets have not been re-enabled. Please continue to check for updates.

24025-Insurance_Bundle_Thumb_3_ePostings_blue.png  ePostings: It’s recommended that users log into their payer website to pull explanations of benefits (EOBs).

  Patient Statements: Automated Statements that were being printed and mailed by our OEM partner has been halted. However, Carestream Dental is able to process emailed statements for practices that have opted for that service.
      • You can find WinOMS Hosted Automated Statements FAQs here.

Continuing Care and Communication:
Our priority is to provide consistent communications so you can continue to conduct business and care for patients. Stay informed through this FAQ page; subscribe to the Status Update page; or join the Sensei User Discussion group on Facebook.